A second chance: Shining the spotlight on a 2022 graduate of the College of Central Florida

  Ocala, Florida- Nearly two decades after graduating from high school, her dreams have finally come true! We’re sending a huge congratulations to Kerri Lyn Knighton and her peers from the 2022 graduating class of the College of Central Florida.   Kerri Lyne Knighton   Her life wasn’t always glamorous. Growing up in Deland, a […]

The consequences of drinking and driving for first time DWI offenders in Texas

  The severity of DWI charges can be increased for a number of reasons. These additions result in harsher punishments, including lengthier prison sentences, fines in the thousands of dollars, and the loss of fundamental constitutional rights.   Driving while intoxicated (DWI)- Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs endangers your life as well […]

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