Community members are speaking out against Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition after activist demands $25,000 from victim’s family

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Activist or Bully? Candice Matthews, representing the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats as the Statewide and Harris County Accountability Chair and Rainbow Push Coalition demands $25,000 from a victim’s family after they asked her to stop contacting them. Community leaders and members are speaking up.

Houston, Texas- Since partnering with Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition and the New Black Panther Nation leader, Quanell X, “Dr. Candice Matthews” has been featured on several news stations. Matthews is well-known for bringing awareness to issues in the community, fighting for equal rights and justice, and getting in the spotlight in her cowgirl hat and boots. However, the family of Kendrick Davis and community leaders believe that Mattews is using people for her own gain.

Self-proclaimed community activist Candice Matthews and the family of 7-year-old Kendrick Davis

Kendrick Davis is a 7-year-old special needs child that an MISD counselor allegedly abused in October last year. Kendrick’s parents, Kendrick Davis and Brittney Leveston, sought assistance from community activists, including Candice Matthews. According to them, Matthews never returned their phone calls or emails to assist their family.

The family eventually hired Quanell X and Sam Smith to assist them. A press conference was scheduled for March of this year.

Matthews took matters into her own hands, says community activist Jenifer Knighton.

Matthews’ canceled the family’s first press conference at the last minute and uninvited community members the family asked to attend. The family was told that there would only be an interview with Fox 26 news reporter Damali Keith, Candice Matthews, and Quanell X.

The family believes that they were misled.

We were never told anything about an exclusive interview that Fox 26 wrongfully claimed. We paid Quanell X for services that he didn’t deliver, and Candice Matthews appeared on the interview and put out misinformation about our child, said Leveston.

Ken didn’t throw a fit, he was attacked, the video speaks for itself, added Leveston.

Leveston is referring to Matthews’ statements about the October 2021 attack against their son by Montgomery ISD counselor Christa Tatem.

When the child threw the tape at her, because he was having a fit, she decided she wanted to throw hands. So when you have someone, that’s of that caliber and of that magnitude, they need to be arrested, and they need to be held accountable to the full extent of the law, Dr. Candice Matthews with Rainbow PUSH Coalition told Fox 26.



Matthews was confronted about her actions. However, she denied any wrongdoing.

After the Fox 26 interview, I personally contacted Candice Matthews and told her how upset the family was about the interview. I even asked her to reach out to them. Matthews was also asked to attend two press conferences with the family. She stood them up on one occasion and declined to show up for another, stating that “her work was done, and she had a national interview. Her actions speak volume, said Jenifer Knighton. She got her five minutes of fame; she wasn’t concerned about the child or how the child’s family felt, she added.

Noel Munoz, an activist from New York, followed the story and attempted to help the family in any way that he could. Munoz uncovered an article on Matthews that was published last year. He reached out to the publisher Aubrey Taylor and detailed the Davis family’s experience with Matthews.

Taylor published an article on the allegations against Matthews. Allegedly, she started calling and texting Ken’s mother that same day. Leveston asked Matthews to cease communication with her. Within a month, Leveston says she received a demand letter from Matthews’ attorney demanding a public apology and $25,000. Her attorney Jimmy Brown Jr. will have the opportunity to provide us with a statement on behalf of his client.


Someone from the Rainbow Push Coalition has been reached. However, a public statement has not been made on their behalf.
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