Grimes County District Attorney becomes enraged and tells a victim’s parents to get out!

Grimes County District Attorney Andria Bender

Grimes County District Attorney Andria BenderGrimes County DA
Grimes County, Texas- Kendrick Davis and Brittney Leveston of Montgomery County continue seeking justice for their 7-year-old son Kendrick Davis after Grimes County District Attorney Andria Bender declined charges against a Montgomery ISD Counselor that dragged him around a classroom and assaulted him last October.
Community activists joined the parents yesterday for what they believed to be a meeting with Bender. However, upon arrival, the group was informed that Bender would not allow the family’s representatives to join them. When security was questioned about the legality of Bender’s decision, they were told that it was Bender’s office and allegedly private property.
According to the parents, they were taken into a courtroom alone with Bender, Grimes County DA victim’s coordinator Brenda Williams, and an officer. The parents questioned Bender’s reasoning for not filing charges against Tatem, adding that she spent over ten minutes attacking their special needs son at Madeley Ranch Elementary School.
Not only did she decline charges, but Andria Bender denied the attack on our son entirely. We asked her to show the video of the attack, says Brittney Leveston. She refused to play the video. We told her that she was a liar because that’s what she is. She told us that nothing happened in the video and that Christa Tatem did not abuse our son. Andria Bender got angry, she stood up, slammed her hands on the table, and said, “I am not a liar, this meeting is over, you can leave, GET OUT!” – Brittney Leveston
The parents say that as they were leaving the room, they were told that they needed to apologize to Bender, but they believe that she is the one who owes their family an apology for falsifying information and covering up for Christa Tatem. More details from the parents are in the video below. #JusticeforKen
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