PLK1848 ice cream: A hidden gem at Memorial Villages Farmers Market in Houston, Texas

PLK 1848 ice cream is available for purchase every weekend at the Memorial Villages Farmer’s Market located at 10840 Beinhorn Rd in Houston, TX.



Houston, TX- If you are looking for an upscale, family-friendly environment, Memorial Villages Farmers Market is the place to go! You can walk around and shop at a variety of vendors; try out new foods; and then relax to live music while savoring delicious homemade premium ice cream from PLK 1848.






A friend of mine told me that PLK1848 Premium Ice Cream was one of those “must-have” ice cream brands. Of course, I had to find out for myself.



The 40-minute drive from Katy, TX to the PLK1848 stand at the Memorial Villages Farmers Market was well worth it. For a person that has a strong dislike for Houston’s weekend traffic, I don’t say that lightly.



The ice cream was mouth-watering and fresh, the owners were friendly, and the mother-son team worked hard on the front end to make sure the shop maintained its cleanliness and their customers were taken care of.


In case you are wondering how good the ice cream is, Patra Lee’s (PLK 1848) is toddler-approved.


It’s ok if you aren’t a fan of hanging out at the Memorial Villages Farmers Market. You can order your favorite flavors of Patra Lee’s ice cream online and pick them up or have them delivered to your door.


PLK1848 offers wholesale prices and PLK1848 katering services for ice cream parties and other events. PLK1848 ice cream is a dessert that should be added to every menu.









From the moment that my great-grandmother, Patra Lee Jones could stand on the bottom of an upturned bucket so that she could reach the surface of the kitchen table, she cooked. Patra Lee learned to cook the same way her mother, Julia Ann Shanklin Jones, learned….by doing, tasting, feeling, hearing, and remembering. Those skills were passed down to my grandmother, Annie Rebecca, for whom I am named. She taught me and the other women in our family what her foremothers handed down to her: good cookery skills, masterful presentation, and the intangible gift of a palate that just knows what good food should taste like.​ It is this same knowledge and passion that I poured into creating PATRA LEE’S KITCHEN, a Premium Ice Cream Brand full of flavor that is both sumptuous and straightforward while downhome and decadent. We are intentional about producing small-batch artisan ice creams and confections that are influenced by the flavors of the world for the discriminating consumer who demands quality, consistency, and exceptional flavor. – Rebecca Dirden Swindle, Founder of PLK 1848

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