The People’s New Black Panther Party continue speaking out against Quanell X

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He went dormant from the public eye for a few years after allegations rose against him for taking advantage of those in need, but Quanell X has returned, now as the New Black Panther Nation leader.



United States- The People’s New Black Panther Party says he’s still taking advantage of those in need by taking their money and not delivering the services that he’s promising them.

A probe of the activist’s advocacy activities began after ongoing claims that he was charging victims for services and delivering nothing more than false promises of hope and justice. This led the People’s New Black Panther Party in Houston, Texas, to break away from Quanell X.

“This has been going on for years,” said Yahcanon Ben Yah, the PNBPP national chairman. We’ve seen him in this position before, and we want to make it clear to the public that we don’t support his behavior. None of us are attached to him in any way.

As a tireless champion for the victims of police brutality, murder, and wrongful termination for more than a decade, Quanell became a household name in the community. He’s helped people get media attention for their issues and he’s been a frequent contributor to FOX 26 stories.

But in 2016, residents from Houston and Beaumont demanded that Quanell X pay them back and apologize as they protested outside a Harris County Courthouse. Pressure and legal action, according to Ben Yah, has resulted in some families getting their money back from him.

Although Quanell X has vigorously refuted any misconduct claims, the NPBPP and his alleged victims continue speaking out against him and exposing what they call, a fraud.



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